Established back in 2015 ScreencApp created to help companies, individuals, and site owners get the content they need so they focus on the other day to day tasks of running their business. Taking my 10+ years of experience in content production and applying it to help create promotional material, courses/guides, how-to tutorials and more.  We’ve serviced over 150+ clients and created thousands of videos across the internet. The name originated from our original videos which focuses solely on app-overviews & promotional material for our clients using our unique screen capturing method.

The Story:

In 2006 I recorded my first Youtube video & since then I haven’t stopped. Armed with a $20 webcam & some free screen recording software my original channel (Youtube.com/lakercoolman) took off as I aimed to simply share my passion for technology at the age of eleven. Little did I know the platform it would serve for my career in content creation. Fast forward to 2015 I had begun receiving requests from companies & individuals to produce content for their brands. Insert lightbulb moment here it’s in that instance I realized that I could take my talent for content creation & apply it to a business that services others. Getting my slow but important start on freelance sites across the web I began to produce app-overviews for clients to help them promote their hard work. ScreencApp soon was born from the method in which we used to screen capture the apps of which we became known for. Slowly our clients grew & so did our brand. We’ve worked with various companies from small to large startups & various other individuals helping tell their story & create the content that represents their brand. Be it blogs, youtube channels, courses or what have you ScreencApp aims to produce the content so you don’t have to. As a business owner myself outside of ScreencApp I know the importance of working on the areas that you enjoy most. We hope to provide a service that can allow you to do just that.