Upon ordering via ScreencApp you agree to the following terms:

Content Rights/Usage-

After payment confirmation & delivery all rights of the content are transferred to the buyer. You then have the rights to post, re-distribute, and use as desired.

Content Retention-

With all standard orders we at ScreencApp assume responsibility of hosting said content for 14-business days within our cloud storage. Advanced packages offer longer duration of storage. Content is stored both offsite & in the cloud to assure safety in case you ever need to retrieve it within the given window. After that clients are responsible for storing the content.

Payment Plans & Protection-

At ScreencApp we offer the following payment options. Upfront on all single orders, payment plans are offered for bulk or custom type orders such as half & half etc. All payments are processed through our invoicing system which securely processes any payments. All standard forms of payment methods are available. Standard rates apply dependent on method. Why refunds are offered we try to work with you to revise & assure beforehand you get the content as desired. However if no resolution can be met full refunds will be offered back, this however means the content in question can not be used anywhere for any purpose. Content will be watermarked until full payments are made.

Revision Policy-

All standard packages offer one complimentary revision to fix any issues that may occur such as not mentioing something in a script, pronuciation errors, etc. However other revisions not previously mentioned or agreed upon prior to order or after the set number of revisions may incrue additional charges.

Bulk Orders-

We work with many clients to provide bulk pricing discounts for those who need a larger amount of content. If you place any orders above 5+ videos your elligible for said discounted rate which varies dependent on the work you require. These custom orders will vary & must contact us in order to get a quote.